Erie Spring Classic Schedule

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(All games on Saturday unless noted)
Naylor Basketball-Shilling vs. Hornets-Seidl, 11:45 am (Mercy #2)
Naylor Basketball Shilling vs. Bayside Ballers, 6:15 pm (Prep)
Naylor Basketball-Sheetz vs. Cavemen Perrone, 11:45 am (Mercy #1)
Naylor Basketball-Sheetz vs. SPA Shooters, 5 pm (Prep)
Naylor Basketball-Sheetz vs. PA Kings, Sunday at 8 am (East)

(All games on Saturday unless noted)
Naylor Basketball-Shilling vs. Mill Creek Cyclones, 5 pm (Wayne)
Naylor Basketball-Shilling vs. SMAC No Hold Back, 7:15 pm (Mercy #2)
Naylor Basketball-Shilling vs. Silver Knights, 9:15 pm (Central #2)
Naylor Basketball-Hendrickes vs. Erie Saints, 5 pm (Central #2)
Naylor Basketball-Hendrickes vs. Transway Girls, 7:15 pm (Wayne)
Naylor Basketball-Hendrickes vs. PA Lady Kings, Sunday at 9 am (Pfeiffer)
Naylor Basketball-Lepley vs. Jamestown Elite, 4 pm (East)
Naylor Basketball-Lepley vs. Baseline Elite, 9:15 pm (McDowell #1)
Naylor Basketball-Lepley vs. Girard Elite, Sunday at 10 am (Central #2)
Naylor Basketball-Naylor vs. Pittsburgh Huskies, 1:45 pm (Boys and Girls)
Naylor Basketball-Naylor vs. Crush, 7:15 pm (East)
Naylor Basketball-Naylor vs. Pittsburgh Force, Sunday at 10 am (CAP #3)

The main location of the event is below:

Gannon University
109 University Square
Erie, PA 16541

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